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Mike Oleynik

Ruby developer

What I do

I build back-end using Ruby. In my work, I use Ruby on Rails, but for soul - Sinatra. I am also interested in the concept of design thinking as a process of problem solving.

  • As a designer, I find ideas for solving problems.
  • As a programmer, I implement ideas and concepts.
  • As a man, I feel a great sense of satisfaction when it works.

What I am looking for

Remote full-time work as a back-end and APIs development. If you or your company would be interested in working with me, feel free to send me a telegram or email.


day-to-day comfort
  • Ruby - as main language.
  • Ruby on Rails, Sinatra - as Ruby frameworks.
  • Rspec/Capybara - as test frameworks.
  • HTML5, JS, CSS, jQuery and Bootstrap 3 - for simple front-end.
  • PostgreSQL - as main database.
  • and git, unix, bash, sidekiq, elasticsearch, redis, capistrano, puma, nginx

Work Experience

FunBox, Backend Developer, October 2019 - Present

  • The development of micro-service systems., Full Stack Developer, January 2019 - October 2019

  • Build enterprise-level web applications.
  • Write codes for automated interactions between applications., Full Stack Developer, February 2017 – January 2019

  • Focused on improving database performance and optimizing applications.
  • Provided ongoing website maintenance and application technical support.


Online school

  • DevOps for developers, 2019
  • RSpec, 2016
  • Professional development on Ruby on Rails. Advanced, 2016
  • Professional development on Ruby on Rails. Base, 2016

Lipetsk State Pedagogical P.Semenov-Tyan-Shansky University

  • Computing Security & Information Protection, 2006-2011
  • Information resources management (IRM), 2010-2011

What I created